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ryan x arc
"I remember my self consciousness floating away, my brain just clearing out. The music was so loud and the bass made my whole body shake. I closed my eyes and just listened. It’s not all beeps and boops, it’s soul. It’s composition. Kaskade’s music is a masterpiece. It has a nightclub vibe and soothing female vocalists. I eventually just stopped thinking, like the brain went out the window and it just became the music and the body. I jumped like a fool and shouted and smiled the whole two and a half hours. It just made me incredibly happy. All my life stresses, all my worries, all my issues, all my problems, was just not there. I felt like a different, aspirational person. It left me with the best mental high i’ve ever had. Everyone was just hugging and laughing and smiling, having the best time of their life. Total strangers. I didn’t know the girls names next to me, they didn’t know mine. But we were all a fan of the music, and we had just shared this experience that obviously means a lot to both of us. I turned over to my friend Matt and his girlfriend, they’re doing the same thing, just talking and sharing. I could of probably died right there, the amount of peace and love in the air. It sounds like the corniest thing, but it’s true. It was the best feeling i have ever experienced, and I truly felt like I was glowing."
Me, writing about Identity Festival Boston 2011. Man, Kaskade killed that night.
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